File :1242352941.png-(38 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_1.png)
38 KB Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:02 No.9479279  
Hey there /co/! You might remember me from monday night.

Well... I finished my comic. And I know some of you guys asked to see, so if anyone wants I could post it? It's not very good. I made it up as I went. Sorry it's so late!
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:06 No.9479324
ah... wasnt this the one for a forensics class?
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:07 No.9479343
hell yes lets see dis stuff
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:08 No.9479347
haha yeah it was my final and I only had one night to do it!
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:10 No.9479372
     File :1242353434.png-(57 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_2.png)
57 KB
I'm pretty sure this is the only page I got to post last time.
>> Chaplain Larry Tremaine 05/14/09(Thu)22:10 No.9479376
Hey, get to posting.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:11 No.9479390
     File :1242353500.png-(47 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_3.png)
47 KB
I had to add a crime scene sketch, so that took up most of this one.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:12 No.9479395
     File :1242353549.png-(68 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_4.png)
68 KB
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:15 No.9479423
     File :1242353721.png-(72 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_5.png)
72 KB
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:15 No.9479430
Is that a dead herring?
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:16 No.9479440
haha I dunno I just drew a fish.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:17 No.9479443
awesome i was worried id never get to see it
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:17 No.9479449
oh god I am laughing so hard
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:18 No.9479463
I'm giving you an A+ baby
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:18 No.9479467
     File :1242353930.png-(70 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_6.png)
70 KB
Now we get into the boring stuff... The last panel was so god awful I wanted to keep it cause I kept laughing.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:19 No.9479476
:3 i like this
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:19 No.9479477
     File :1242353995.png-(60 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_7.png)
60 KB
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:20 No.9479485
You did this in one night?! Holy shit.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:21 No.9479496
     File :1242354073.png-(65 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_8.png)
65 KB
getting lazier...
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:22 No.9479507
Bah! Red herring pun is too subtle.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:22 No.9479516
     File :1242354174.jpg-(162 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_9.jpg)
162 KB
This saved as a JPG and made me sad. :[
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:23 No.9479522
I love your style.. it's so silly and fun.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:24 No.9479531
     File :1242354263.png-(65 KB, 712x731, peteandmitzi_10.png)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:25 No.9479541
You whore. I think I love you.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:28 No.9479584
I love the expressions. I think you should get an A
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:31 No.9479617
     File :1242354680.png-(289 KB, 391x409, lilpete.png)
289 KB
Haha thanks a lot guys. It sucked. a lot. But I'm glad I got it done!
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:36 No.9479687
     File :1242355009.jpg-(70 KB, 600x450, 131.jpg)
70 KB
pretty enjoyable.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:37 No.9479705
this thread needs more cactus bunny
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:41 No.9479743

Shit, this was awesome.

And you said you couldn't draw.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:41 No.9479749
     File :1242355306.png-(250 KB, 314x416, cactus_bunny.png)
250 KB
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:43 No.9479761
I can draw. Just, you know, not that well. But I try to get better all the time! You should see my stuff from a couple years ago.. jesus.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)22:47 No.9479808
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)23:01 No.9479950
So when do we find out what you got on it.
>> Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)23:53 No.9480355
Nice subliminal message.