File :1235831726.jpg-(24 KB, 393x266, Mirror_emperor.jpg)
24 KB What is NOBLEBRIGHT? Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:35 No.3841194  
When one thinks about NOBLEBRIGHT, and the fact that it is a contrast to GRIMDARK, one must first define what makes the Grimdark appearance so GRIMDARK.

To summarize it thus: GRIMDARK comes when you are wearing black and/or red and silver, covered with skulls, and nothing you do ever counts as a victory, because the universe doesn't care. Which means you may as well go to your room and listen to that latest Noise Marines album while cutting yourself, you pansy.

NOBLEBRIGHT is different in many ways. First, the colors it uses are different. It replaces black with white, red with chromatic multicolor, and silver with gold. It replaces the skulls with wings. Not that this means you can fly - you simply have wings on your armor. Wings on wings. As silly as 40k gets with skulls, Brighthammer goes over the top with useless, decorative, wings. As for atmosphere, there is another important contrast...

If you are playing a Dark Heresy character, for example, and you defeat a Daemon, some jerkass inquisitor will show up and purge you anyway, because that's just GRIMDARK. NOBLEBRIGHT won't put up with that shit; it's the characters who purge the insane Inquisitors.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:36 No.3841195
     File :1235831763.jpg-(75 KB, 385x768, Constantin_Valdor_aufgehellt.jpg)
75 KB
The inspirations for the NOBLEBRIGHT attitude are old pulp sci-fi in the vein of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and the like. It's the kind of game where Fum'aan Shu'u, dastardly leader of the Tau, might need to kidnap some poor Sororitas so that he can sacrifice her and summon evil Daemons from the warp in Warhammer 40k.

So how does a NOBLEBRIGHT character deal with this scenario? He straps on his jet pack, grabs his powersword, hellpistol and power armor, bursts in through the skylight, defeats the various lackies of the bad guy singlehandedly, decks Fum'aan Shu'u, kills the Daemon, and rescues the girl - flying back out through the skylight.

NOBLEBRIGHT is all about heroism, an attitude that demands victory, and atmosphere that replicates the best aspects of pulp sci-fi.

Also remember that NOBLEBRIGHT doesn't necessarily mean peace and love; it means heroism. If you gimp your enemies, you've also gimped your heroes. Your opposition defines your character. Keep them mean, keep them sinister; keep them over the top camp in the best vein of pulp sci-fi villains, and keep raising the bar. Even if you end up throwing galaxies at one another, you'll never reach the top. Keep moving up, keep fighting harder, and keep being big damn heroes. That's the NOBLEBRIGHT way.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:39 No.3841207
     File :1235831985.jpg-(33 KB, 367x475, scifiposters2.jpg)
33 KB
Personally, I'm dissatisfied with how the Brighthammer Orks came out. At first, I liked the noble savage angle; it had appeal. It certainly fits in with how primitives would be treated in pulp sci-fi.

Frankly, however, I don't think they've been treated as seriously as they should be.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:40 No.3841210
I am liking this "Noblebright" attitude towards games.
>> Paorou !jXvdPmWDes 02/28/09(Sat)09:42 No.3841220

Wings on wings on wings is more disturbing than skulls on skulls on skulls for some reason, though.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:43 No.3841224
     File :1235832205.jpg-(35 KB, 450x305, johncarterofmars.jpg)
35 KB
One idea that should be used heavily is the idea of being stranded on a feudal world. Because Brighthammer allows for low tech, feudal worlds not inside the Imperium, it isn't all that far fetched for your characters to be a group of people - say, Secret Agents, the alternate version of Inquisitors, who are in pursuit of a power mad psycher who has fled to a medieval planet. However, both of your ships crash land, and now you must pursue him across the surface of this primitive world, facing fierce creatures and warriors, with only your technology and knowledge as an advantage - and perhaps not even that.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:44 No.3841226
     File :1235832287.jpg-(37 KB, 427x460, disgaea-gordon.jpg)
37 KB

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:47 No.3841235
     File :1235832436.jpg-(20 KB, 216x286, ssbil007.jpg)
20 KB
The rebellious government is another plot angle you can use.

A planet is lead by a corrupt hereditary governor, who is abusing his people and greedily extorting them. He rebels against the Imperium, and your characters are trapped behind enemy lines. They must defeat him, taking him down and saving the lives out countless billions of people.

Feel free to liberally sprinkle in elements of everything that makes the Warhammer Imperium evil, because it's hilariously Ironic.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:53 No.3841256
     File :1235832827.jpg-(48 KB, 300x418, lensman_astounding_cover_art.jpg)
48 KB
In case it wasn't made clear in the original Brighthammer posts, the real villains of Brighthammer are no less than the Old Ones - the psychers beyond measure from the time before history.

They were the ones that in times past managed to create stife and warfare beyond measure, and were godlike and evil; utterly irredeemable.

Their war with the C'tan was not any smaller in scale than it was in the traditional 40k timeline. If anything, it was bigger. The Necrons are not walking skeletons; they are mortal warriors who sacrificed their living form to become the defenders of the innocent races against the vile, godlike evils of the Old Ones. They are immortal defenders, spreading life and joy although their power leaves them without the ability to experience that.

Even as all that happened, the C'tan were not totally victorious - instead, the Old Ones were largely sealed, and the C'tan are now very few in number. As the seals begin to weaken, the ancient evils return to the universe. The Necrons are too few to reign them in, the C'tan too weak.

Perhaps, however, your character could receive power enough to defeat them yourselves, resealing their prisons or defeating them for all time.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)09:53 No.3841257
Thought we sacked you
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:01 No.3841291
     File :1235833308.jpg-(122 KB, 330x372, jennifer0ex1.jpg)
122 KB
NOBLEBRIGHT has strict labour laws, you can't just fire us, sweetie.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:02 No.3841294
     File :1235833340.jpg-(131 KB, 345x500, 50s.jpg)
131 KB
So, you may ask - what are the Imperial Guard of Brighthammer like?

Well, simply put, they are not the jackbooted thugs of Warhammer armies. Those armies evoke the images of fascist nations and Soviet nations. They are the oppressor.

In Brighthammer, however, they are heroes; defenders, guardians. They should evoke images of heroic charges, brave last stands, and strong defenders. They aren't the oppressor - they are your friends and neighbors, standing to defend you.

When aliens come knocking, they are there with their ray-guns (lasguns) ready to kick in those alien teeth and slice off those tentacles.

The Imperial Guard of Brighthammer is professional, first world, but not modern. It should feel WW2ish, as Warhammer 40k does, but instead of drawing on the Axis for inspiration, it should draw on the Allies.

As for their units - although conscripts are right out, you could always use those models and rules for brave militia, self assembled and ready to join the fight.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:04 No.3841304
Well didn't you deal with that group of demons... And those bizarre birds
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:07 No.3841318
What about the chaos of noblebright?

What do they look/act like?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:08 No.3841323
     File :1235833704.jpg-(46 KB, 700x588, armor_gold_paint.jpg)
46 KB
Next comes the Space Marines. Where do they fit in in the NOBLEBRIGHT future?

Well, that's simple. They're knights.

Going back to their Warhammer Fantasy roots, the Space Marines of Warhammer 40k are basically knights in space.

However, what differentiates them from Brighthammer Space Marines is twofold.

First, Warhammer SM's are less knights than Knights Templar, with the worst aspects of nightmare crusaders built in.

Brighthammer SM's are not crusaders; they are defenders. They are always there to lend a hand; they are always there to defend the Imperium. They are the backbone of Brighthammer armies - there are a lot more.

Whereas SM's in regular 40k might defend a planet if it's important to them, Brighthammer marines will defend a planet just because they can, regardless of the cost. They are heroes. They are the best aspects of what knights should be.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:10 No.3841330
So they're basically all Lawful Badass Paladins?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:12 No.3841337
     File :1235833954.jpg-(40 KB, 500x350, disgaea-art6.jpg)
40 KB
It took us a while, but in the end they were all punished in the name of love. ♥
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:14 No.3841345
     File :1235834049.jpg-(105 KB, 600x800, marine2.jpg)
105 KB
I would've liked for them to be the ones saving baby squid in third world planets.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:15 No.3841350
     File :1235834117.jpg-(93 KB, 600x430, angel_terrible.jpg.rZd.98576.jpg)
93 KB
In Brighthammer, Chaos doesn't exist - or not exactly, anyway. Instead, it's opposite, Order, is as much in control as Chaos is in control in 40k.

As such, the Warp is basically filled with gods and angels, and not demons. This doesn't mean they're pushovers, however, or necessarily good.

When you think of the Lords of Order, think of the ancient Greek Gods. They weren't nice, they were utter dicks. They were also powerful enough to smite the shit out of you if you got uppity.

They are also often more interested in their own little games then your welfare. This is why the Emperor is so important - he's the only Lord of Order that actually gives a damn about humanity.

If you need to, you can also use Daemons from 40k. The justification for this can be for any of three reasons, or whatever you can make up.

1: The Tau summon them from regular 40k. Because they are doing that in this universe. They'll summon stuff from the warp in 40k for their own nefarious purpose here.

2: The Eldar made it. They're evil here, and they are powerful psychers. Concentrate evil and psychers, and you get daemons - bound and ready to do the bidding of the Eldar.

3: The Old Ones are lords of Chaos here, so you damn well better bet they'd have daemons aplenty.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:22 No.3841377
So Tony Stark is the Emprah...

This is a BAD IDEA.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:30 No.3841400
So do the Eldar now have Massive Dorflike beards?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:33 No.3841410

Oh God, where to begin on the Bright Eldar and shit...
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:35 No.3841415

Did he build the golden throne in a cave?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:37 No.3841423
From a pile of scraps, no less.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:38 No.3841425
Let us just STOP until we start talking about some NOBLE BARBARIANS!
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:38 No.3841427
No, this is not oppositeland, this is NOBLEBRIGHT.
more of a slightly slanted mirror than a reversal of everything.
Think the startrek episode with the mirror universe. The mirror universe in that would be regular 40k, and the normal startrek universe NOBLEBRIGHT.
Actually, original startrek may be a good comparison in its own way, as in that era the 'go out, kick evil alien ass and make out with hot alien babes' vibe is pretty strong. When blowing shit up in the name of a good cause was still a viable plan.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:39 No.3841430
>When blowing shit up in the name of a good cause was still a viable plan.

It's ALWAYS a good plan.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)10:41 No.3841436
Yea and in the mirror Trek Spock had a goatee. And you NEVER see a Vulcan with a beard.

So Eldar with big beards MAKE SENSE
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:06 No.3841533
What about the 'Nids?
And the Kroot?
Are Kroot some Watcher-esk race who are totally neutral in the universe, just recording for recordings sake?
Are the 'Nid's some pulpish-alien race attacking just because... they're aliens?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:07 No.3841538


>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:14 No.3841571
     File :1235837644.jpg-(51 KB, 316x525, n1835.jpg)
51 KB
So what are Tyranids like in NOBLEBRIGHT land?

Well, originally I fucked up. I admit that. I wanted to make them different because the setting was different.

But now I realize something. They aren't inherently evil or GRIMDARK the way they are.

Look at this picture. Motherfucking Starship troopers; exactly the same sort of idea - guys fighting space bugs. Is this GRIMDARK? No. Not even close.

Brighthammer isn't Warhammer - the Imperium has it's shit together to a far greater degree. Chaos isn't on their back, and even if they are pissed at the Lords of Order for being a bunch of dicks, it isn't all out, endless war. Moreover, they haven't forgotten how all their tech works.

So for that reason, I say this: Don't change a goddamn thing about the Tyranids. If it's pulp sci-fi, you can't channel anything better than the original Starship Troopers, and without the nids the way they are, you won't have a good bug invasion.

Now I suggest you forget the movie because even in Brighthammer that's HERESY! However, draw inspiration for your Guardsmen from the Roughneck Chronicles cartoon. That had the right idea; it was more or less guys in Carapace armor fighting bugs in space. It wasn't GRIMDARK, it was heroic - and they were even supported by big power suits that were sorta like Sentinels and Dreadnaughts.

So basically, leave the nids exactly the same. Brighthammer is better equipped to deal with them, so it isn't a hopeless battle.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:18 No.3841587
The Kroot are still cannibalistic primitives. However; they are sort of portrayed as good guys, or at least not totally bad in regular 40k because of their association with the Tau. Here, they don't get that because the Tau aren't good.

They're primitive, cannibalistic warrior slaves in service to the Tau empire. The Non-noble kind of savage.

Imagine yourself stuck on a jungle world inhabited by Kroot, cut off from the Imperium, bravely fighting off the savages to retrieve a lost relic of the Dark Age of Technology, and you've got the right idea of how to use the Kroot.

I wrote a lot of it, and I've decided that it needs to be redone, become less silly. Be taken more seriously. Get back to the core of what I wanted it to be in the first place - 40k done with a pulp sci-fi/pulp fantasy in space attitude.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:19 No.3841595

No, they are what the Templar Knights would have been if they were fast enough to hook up with the peasant rabble heading or jerusalem and train their asses how to actually fight.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:22 No.3841605

I disagree. Their personality is fine as is, but their GALAXY ENDING DOOM has to stop.

That shit's just too GRIMDARK.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:22 No.3841606

The original Starship Troopers WAS the grimdarkest shit to ever grimdark.

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:26 No.3841620
As I said, the attitude is different, and the Imperium is different.

They are a real threat to the galaxy in Brighthammer, but when you get right down to it, the people of Brighthammer aren't going to sit down, give up and surrender to their doom and gloom - they're going to get up and fight for the Imperium, because they're brave and heroic, not goddamned emo kids. They aren't conscripted - they enlist in droves. And those that can't enlist are still in the militia.

Everyone fights the nids, and they won't be beaten. That's the NOBLEBRIGHT attitude.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:27 No.3841628
Eliminate the weak.

Either that or the poster you were responding to was talking about those horrible movies
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:35 No.3841654
cypress_z kindly GTFO
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:36 No.3841661
     File :1235838997.jpg-(210 KB, 740x581, 1189133140.jpg)
210 KB
TOS was definitely a great inspiration.
So, you may ask - what are Brighthammer Eldar like?

You see this image, the one of Kane? Give him pointy ears, and merge him with the most dickish version of Eldrad.

That is what the Brighthammer Eldar are like.

The Eldar are dicks for the sake of being dicks, intent on sewing discontent and chaos everywhere. Their plans last tens of thousands of years, and their schemes might lead to the deaths of billions for nothing more than their own amusement - or worse, attempts to create daemons and chaos.

Moreover, their goal is to revive the dark gods that slumber beneath the worlds of the galaxy, the Old Ones.

The Eldar were, as in Warhammer, created to fight the Necrons. However in Brighthammer, they rebelled against their oppressive masters, and the combined might of the Orks, Necrons, and Eldar brought the Old Ones down, and they were sealed away.

The Eldar don't seek to revive the Old Ones to lord over them again. Instead, they seek to revive them and capture their power, using it to become lords of the Galaxy themselves.

Fortunately, their nefarious schemes are opposed by the Bright Eldar.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:37 No.3841666
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:40 No.3841671

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:43 No.3841690
     File :1235839426.jpg-(192 KB, 400x791, 90034.jpg)
192 KB
So what are the Bright Eldar like? Basically the same as Brighthammer 1st Edition.

Over 10,000 years ago, the Eldar used the birth of Slaaneesh, god(ess) of love and ascended en masse to the warp, where they live as powerful warp entities.

There were two groups of Eldar that didn't come. The first are the Corrupt Eldar, who seek to revive the old Ones. They ride around in their craft worlds causing havoc. They were too impure to ascend.

The second group are the Bright Eldar. They remained to keep an eye on their errant cousins, and also to help others progress to the point where they can ascend to the warp as well.

They are still Elves in Space. They are still powerful. They are still not necessarily nice, and they are still often dickish.

Only a single planetfull of them remains; the others have ascended or joined the corrupt ones.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:43 No.3841694

Bright Eldar (same with Dark Eldar, but meh) is a pretty retarded name. Just call both factions Eldar, just that one group are the Craftworld Eldar and the other the Free Eldar Alliance or something like that, which support the Imperium in the Alliance of Order, along with the courageous Squats and the rebel Tau forces.

Would make more sense the BRIGHT/Dark Eldar...
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:46 No.3841703
     File :1235839605.jpg-(85 KB, 905x931, Untitled.jpg)
85 KB
It's a term taken from Warhammer Fantasy, the inspiration for Warhammer 40k.

The name of Bright Eldar is a good one. Fuck you if you don't like it.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:48 No.3841715
BAAAAAAAAW Someone disagrees with my crappy fanfiction.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:54 No.3841741
GTFO, sagefag.

OrkKaptin here, kindly continue Cypress.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:57 No.3841753
Keep this shit on spacebattles or here. NOT BOTH.

We remember your STUPID SPACE AMERICANS XD thread
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)11:58 No.3841756
Thanks; no need to name yourself though - try to keep it anonymous here, jah? I don't want this to turn into some sort of faux invasion; this is a /tg/ creation first and foremost, I'm cross posting it elsewhere. Keep that in mind.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:06 No.3841790
>>I'm cross posting it elsewhere. Keep that in mind.

Where ?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:20 No.3841856
     File :1235841632.jpg-(55 KB, 403x509, GOD_QUOTATIONS.jpg)
55 KB
Now for the Lords of Order:

Nurgle: Papa Nurgle is the god of compassion; he care for all creatures, no matter how small. He is still a god of sickness and disease, but he cures them in Brighthammer rather than inflicts them. Nurgle is a lord of stability, even among the other lords of Order. If he has a weakness, it is that he is unchanged and forever unchanging. He helps to build civilizations, and is a bringer of law, order, and stability. However, he is not adaptive, and some find his embrace stifling. He is not necessarily a good guy; his followers sometimes are highly oppressive.

Khorne is the noble lord of war. He is still a war god, but a god of honorable combat. He sits upon a throne of blades, awaiting war. Khorne favors the strong above all else, and blesses those who are already mighty warriors. He does not, however, have much compassion for the weak, and does not believe in helping those who cannot help themselves. He has little compassion.

Tzeentch is the most changing and adaptive of the Lords of Order, and is a god of powerful warp sorcery and knowledge. His ways are often dangerous, with a "leap before you look" sort of mentality. He is known for his cunning plans and endless schemes. Because he is the most chaotic of the lords of Order, however, he is also one of the weakest. It is his cunning plans that keep him in power.

Slaaneesh is the god(ess) of love, created by the Eldar to assist them with their ascendence to the warp. This does not me he/she is all pink hearts and kindness, however. Slaaneesh is the lord of excess, of passion, and volatile emotion. People fall in and out of favor with Slaaneesh on mere whims, and those who get his/her attentions and refuse them do not end well. Think of Aphrodite here - she was not kind to those who stood in her way. Slaaneesh is vain, ill tempered, and very easily offended. When thinking of Slaaneesh, remember the story of Eros and Psyche. Love does not mean good or nice.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:23 No.3841869
Your DnD warp gods don't fit, IMO. And Brighteldar are a silly name, and they seem pretty buffed.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:23 No.3841870
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:24 No.3841873
     File :1235841841.jpg-(22 KB, 266x295, 1187607613874.jpg)
22 KB
Squats, what to do with them, if anything?
The original concept doesn't have much grimdark taint to it (primarily why it was removed) but they'd need some emphasis to overcome a spacedwarfs stereotype.
Note: I do actually like their space-biker look, the 'build the tools you need rather than carry a warehouse's worth' ethic.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:28 No.3841894
     File :1235842108.jpg-(21 KB, 199x300, captain.jpg)
21 KB
So, what is the Brighthammer Commissar Cain like?

Look at the attached picture. He's Captain Sternn.

"Prosecutor: Are you Commissar Caiphas Cain?
Cain: I am.
Prosecutor: Caiphas Cain, you stand here acused of 12 counts of murder in the first degree, 14 counts of armed theft of Federation property, 22 counts of piracy in high space, 18 counts of fraud, 37 counts of rape and one moving violation. How do you plead?
Stern: Not guilty."

"Gunner Jurgan: He never did... anything that was... illegal...
Gunner Jurgan: Unless you count all the times he sold dope disguised as a Sister of Battle

Gunner Jurgan: H'es never done anything... immoral.

Gunner Jurgan: Unless you count the schola progmentum prostitute ring!"

"He's nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive! "
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:33 No.3841917
Dark Eldar, where do they fit in?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:34 No.3841926
They are the Bright Eldar in this setting.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:37 No.3841939
I like that idea of Cain being like that, but he still does everything not just for himself but also for his men. Basically the kind of officer who, when he catches you breaking the rules, doesn't punish you for doing something wrong, rather for getting caught. He then gives advice on how to get away with it next time from his experience and probably enlists you in some crazy scheme he has.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:38 No.3841944
And the crazy scheme is worse than the punishment, or at least more humiliating.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:41 No.3841949
>>Khorne is the noble lord of war. He is still a war god, but a god of honorable combat. He sits upon a throne of blades

Wasn't it a throne of helms ? Fits better in mirror of the skulls.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:45 No.3841971
I dunno; I came up with it, but it seemed kinda.... stupid. I mean, helms? But a throne of blades is kinda cool.

I mean, I'm open to options. Except for thrones for the throne skull, of course.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:48 No.3841986
Thrones for the throne throne.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:49 No.3841989
Throne of Swords sounds more badass, but Helms has it's own perks.
Maybe he has several thrones, in his different aspects?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:51 No.3841999

Stupid ? I'm picturing a giant motherfucker in full plate armour, sitting à la Conan the Barbarian on a mountain of helms taken from fallen warriors that entered Sto-vo-kor / Walhalla / whatchacallit...

Doesn't seem stupid, but rather absolutely badass.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:53 No.3842008
No. The skull throne is rather iconic; it needs to be something equally polarizing and powerful, image wise.

Perhaps a throne of bone; made from the physical remains of fallen heroes who now serve him as champions in the warp.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:54 No.3842010
Huh. I didn't think people would like it, honestly. Well, I guess I could stick with the Throne of Helms.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:55 No.3842019
So instead of skulls it's the rest of the skeleton?

Lame >:I
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:57 No.3842026
Very Lame.
He's honorable combat this time.
The Swords/Helms/Armor/Wimmins are surrendered by defeated foes.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:57 No.3842029
Yeah, I guess I'll just stick with the throne made of the helms of Khorne's defeated enemies.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)12:59 No.3842038

I prefer the name Ascended Eldar

Sounds more badass than Bright Eldar

And personally, I think Brighthammer should be Lorehammer, representing the quest for knowledge and seeking out hidden relics throughout the galaxy

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:00 No.3842045
Wimmins for the Wimmin Throne!
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:04 No.3842065
     File :1235844240.jpg-(599 KB, 584x923, wragg4.jpg)
599 KB
One of the best aspects of pulp sci-fi is the "Mars needs women" angle.

If you think about it, in Warhammer it is a planet filled with lonely cogboys...

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:04 No.3842067
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:05 No.3842071
Why not the full skeleton in their battle armor? Very noble hero ish
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:05 No.3842074
     File :1235844343.jpg-(134 KB, 336x394, NAPOLEONBONAPINGAS.jpg)
134 KB

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:06 No.3842080
Because then it's huge.
I like the Loot Throne idea, though.
Armor, Swords, Helms, Rings, Probably a few guns for variety...
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:07 No.3842085
     File :1235844440.jpg-(81 KB, 639x473, 1232859919930.jpg)
81 KB

No Robotnik, there will be no snooPING AS usual
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:10 No.3842100
And the skeletons are out in the warp, with the dead heroes still around them.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:19 No.3842139
Definitely helmets for Khorne. Nothing else really suits the new feel. Make his champions have rows of helmets on pikes outside their strongholds, too. Feels both menacing and knightly IMO.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:19 No.3842140
Okay, here's one...

How do we handle the splinter Farsight Enclaves of the Tau Empire? Are they rebel Tau fighting against their evil regieme? We all know Farsight don't run with the Kroot. Would this mean in the Noblebright universe Farsight is the only light in a dark dictatorship?

I mean the name alone screams Noblebright.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:21 No.3842145
Freedom Fighter.
With an ancient artifact of order.
Did they ever give the origin of the Dawn Blade?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:25 No.3842165
No but in GRIMDARK, signs point to Necron, Chaos, or Eldar origin.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:27 No.3842179
That's good then, most of those would be positive.
Even if it's a horrid Craftworld Eldar artifact, he can pull the whole Doomed Hero archetype.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:28 No.3842181
ITT: How to castrate a setting.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:30 No.3842187
ITT: How to ignore material you don't like.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:30 No.3842188
Make him and his enclave somewhat of an unknown variable, and not overly militaristic. The Enclave sholud be the Shangai/Hong Kong to the Tau's warlord-era China, but quite a bit less gritty. A few relatively important spaceports on the far side of the galaxy, not crime-ridden but exotic and somewhat rough, ruled by a somewhat democratic trade corporation and protected by a small high-tech elite guard (think anime SWAT).
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:31 No.3842194
This. A heroic, doomed freedom fighter; the only point of light amidst a dark regime. Definitely what I want.

Hmm... what about "The Throne of Relics"? Captured armor, arms, and various artifacts from Khornes honorably defeated enemies, he may gift those who please him with a powerful artifact selected from his throne.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:31 No.3842196
/r/ing drawfaggotry.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:32 No.3842197
     File :1235845930.gif-(1.71 MB, 200x174, 2uq2dg7.gif)
1.71 MB
>>this thread
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:35 No.3842213
     File :1235846137.jpg-(2 KB, 98x123, 1235786886692.jpg)
2 KB
I always liked to think of it as an artifact of an unknown and now extinct race.
But I think it's Necron as of origin from what GW hinted towards.
I do know that thing has made him live for over three hundred years (if you believe it's the same Farsight from the second Tau expansion for territory. It also suggests that someone is always in his place under his title.) And three hundred years is way past the average life span of any Tau.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:41 No.3842243
     File :1235846481.jpg-(141 KB, 500x438, 140657035_e820174929.jpg)
141 KB
About the Agrarium of Mars - I'm just not feeling it. It was a good idea, and a good reversal of 40k to have them be plant focused, but when you come down to it, it just isn't... well, good enough.

The Cogboys should represent transhumanists; the brighter elements of it, anyway. They seek to ascend and become immortal - but not by ascending to the warp. Instead, they seek to become immortal through the use of high technology.

Likewise, I am interested in having the C'tan remain bringers of life, but they should similarly be focused on high technology, and using that to achieve their aims.

To maintain a sort of pulp sci-fi lensman feel, the Pariahs in regular 40k should instead be changed - the old line for Brighthammer was this:

"Culexus School trains specialized individuals who are capable of uplifting moral to immense levels and increase the performance and natural healing abilities of their companions, despite lacking psyker capabilities. Aka, the reverse of the Pariah trait. These individuals are incredibly rare, but make highly effective team leaders. "

I think this should be the base concept for those favored by the Necrons; a general feeling of uplifting joy in their presence, they make natural leaders.

Those gifted by the Necrons to fight the Old Ones gain great power to inspire others in battle, and also great and wondrous technology, allowing them to compete with the powerful psychers and forces of the warp.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:44 No.3842267
Remember though, in normal 40K, Farsight is an overaggressive, warlike commander who was not only censured for his deeds, but deemed a traitor by his own people. Farsight in Noblebright has to be an honorible rebel. Looking to make peace with the galaxy. The perfect anti-Tau.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:49 No.3842294
"Throne of Relics" ... APPROVED.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:52 No.3842305
     File :1235847159.jpg-(25 KB, 500x400, avariel.jpg)
25 KB
So - how about the Sisters of Slaaneesh? I'm not 100% sure yet.

The Sisters of Rock are an interesting concept, and fit the feel of a Slaaneeshi group, but are a tad too silly as they currently are.

I still like that they favor sonic weapons; I still like that they are a group that likes to party 24/7.

I'm just not sure of specifics yet; I'll think about it.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)13:55 No.3842315
>Sisters of Rock

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:05 No.3842379
     File :1235847958.jpg-(136 KB, 465x700, spacedwarf001.jpg)
136 KB
Upon further consideration, the gene-trading variant of the Tyranids suggested first can probably be considered to instead be the Zoats.

Unlike GW

Upon further consideration, I see no reason to change them from their regular 40k version at all. They didn't fit in with regular Warhammer, but they do fit in with Brighthammer just fine.

Note that I'm retconning their disappearance from the galaxy; here the regular tyrands wouldn't devour them all because their allies would come to their aid.
we might not retcon them out of existence.
>> Dark Eldyear 02/28/09(Sat)14:06 No.3842381
     File :1235847993.jpg-(55 KB, 513x533, spock goatee.jpg)
55 KB
Vids for the vid throne! Pics for the pic god!

I suppose, instead of harvesting victims for our butchering houses ... we could .... educate them in the ways of love? Since technology lesser beings don't understand might destroy them, we just find ways to make them happy, minus the tech? Slowly uplifting primitive civilizations to a new heights? Sorta like the rangers protecting the Shire in the lord of the rings. Children of peace is a lame name thought. Needs more NOBLE. The Ancients maybe, or the Noldor. Hell, how about Noble Ancients?

Our motto: Teach a man to fish, sort of thing!
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:06 No.3842382
Sorry, didn't finish the Zoat thought. Unlike GW, I don't see a need to kill them off.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:11 No.3842409
>Teach a man to fish

What good is that when I live in a fucking desert?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:11 No.3842413
The Bright Eldar are largely interested in assisting other races along the path to ascension, and in that vein, they provide technology and assistance to those who need it.

Their great repository of knowledge, the White Library, is hidden and requires heroic questing to reach - but the rewards are well worth it. Those who enter gain great knowledge and are vastly furthered along the path to ascension if that is their aim. The White Library also contains detailed historical works and prophecies, written by the most powerful farseers among the Bright Eldar. Clues to innumerable treasures wait inside it's walls.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:13 No.3842425
Ok, so the Sisters have rock, and Noise Marines have... power metal?
>> Dark Eldyear 02/28/09(Sat)14:13 No.3842427
Alright: Teach a man to harvest Shai-Hulud! The Spice must flow!
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:13 No.3842428
Bah, go cut yourself to the idea of being purged because you dared to have ambition and got warped by chaos as a result.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:13 No.3842431
Basically. Like I said, I'm not 100% sure how to go with this yet.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:18 No.3842460
     File :1235848719.jpg-(323 KB, 909x1200, Fingon_and_Gothmog.jpg)
323 KB
Peace Children is too hippyish, I agree.

I dunno; channel the old first age Tolkienesque elves, maybe.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)14:49 No.3842671
     File :1235850553.jpg-(433 KB, 749x1100, Blue_Zoantroph_by_tyrantwache.jpg)
433 KB
Long ago in a distant galaxy, a race called the Zoanthropes focused upon molding, shaping, and creating the greatest biological technology known to the universe. They were highly successful. Too successful; their genetically engineered slave races, all highly adaptive in order to suit their needs and every whim, eventually rebelled.

The result was a race that consumed their entire galaxy, and several others.

Now the last remnants of their race flee to the Brighthammer galaxy, with the Tyranid swarms in hot pursuit. Now they seek new biological information, new power, new allies, and a chance to rebuild their empire and stop their creations.
>> Dark Eldyear 02/28/09(Sat)15:01 No.3842737
Tyranids vs Tyranids will be a neverending battle! We're still doing a Warhammer universe after all.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)15:04 No.3842756
     File :1235851495.jpg-(9 KB, 164x190, Untitled.jpg)
9 KB
>>Sisters of Slaaneesh

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)15:09 No.3842778
     File :1235851790.jpg-(144 KB, 600x855, 1233592510938.jpg)
144 KB
Brighthammer is the Gurren-Lagann of 40k.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)15:17 No.3842822
>Now the last remnants of their race flee to the Brighthammer galaxy, with the Tyranid swarms in hot pursuit. Now they seek new biological information, new power, new allies, and a chance to rebuild their empire and stop their creations.

So the tyranids are out to kill the genestealers? I think I approve because that sound like a race of crazy Supermutants beating into a wave of claws and teeth.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)15:35 No.3842934
Yeah, basically.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)16:40 No.3843447
     File :1235857236.jpg-(27 KB, 550x563, Dreamforge-Lagann.jpg)
27 KB
The Agrarium of Mars: A bastion of high technology and advancement in the universe.

Much knowledge was lost during the great war with the Iron men during the Age of Strife, but the Adeptus Mechanicus works tirelessly to rediscover that technology, and upon discovering it, improving it and ensuring that all men can benefit from it.

They are not satisfied with their own technology alone, however. The Adeptus Mechanicus seeks out and finds technology all across the galaxy, studying and researching everything - from the tainted artifacts of the old ones, to the ascension machines of the Bright Eldar, to the impossibly advanced high technology of the Necrons and C'Tan, the great pursuit of the Adeptus Mechanicus is technological advancement.

They seek the purity of ceremite and adamantium; they seek to expand their minds through circuitry and computer program.

Whereas some seek to ascend to the warp, the sole focus of the Mechanicus is to seek immortality through machinery. To this purpose, they have created advanced A.I., installing it in everything from simple bolters to the mighty war machines, Titans, of Mars.

Some have already achieved this immortality, becoming the sentient core of the craftworlds. The core of Mars itself is one of the C'tan, the Void Dragon, taking it's position after the Emperor dueled with it in personal combat and won.

The Adeptus Mechanicus spirals ever upward, building ever greater and greater things, and the Sol System is one of their greatest constructs - one could walk across the system on the space platforms, and Mars itself is now little more than a giant machine, designed to produce new and powerful technology with greater power and potency each day. Each day, the titans they produce grow ever larger, and their technology more advanced. No matter who the enemy is, no matter how high the climb, the Adeptus Mechanicus will always top the mountain, and always defeat their foe.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)16:43 No.3843477
Ahem. Sentient core of the Forgeworlds, rather. Slight typo.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)17:50 No.3843991
Are you referring to Orks specifically, or some other kind of Barbarian?
>> Tammy-chan !!XSjfzzTDFLE 02/28/09(Sat)18:15 No.3844170
A band named Emperors Goatee

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)18:50 No.3844371
     File :1235865008.jpg-(6 KB, 192x144, PaulDenton.jpg)
6 KB

How did Paul Denton become the Emperor of Mankind?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)18:54 No.3844389
He merged with Helios instead of JC.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)18:56 No.3844402
Awesome question
Awesome response
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)19:20 No.3844540
     File :1235866825.gif-(19 KB, 250x242, YOU.gif)
19 KB

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)19:25 No.3844566
     File :1235867109.jpg-(145 KB, 719x833, ZOMBIE.jpg)
145 KB

>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)19:47 No.3844694
     File :1235868464.jpg-(638 KB, 761x956, 1234761333040.jpg)
638 KB
So, I've thought about it, and I think I finally have an angle for Brighthammer Orks.

During the age before history, war raged between the Old Ones and the Necrons. The Old ones, pressed hard in their fight against their foes, raised up several races as soldier/slaves in their conflict.

Two of the most notable were the Eldar and the Orks. During the war they formed a team of power that complimented each other excellently; the Eldar were cunning tricksters, misdirecting their foes and striking as a scalpal, and the Orks were the implacable, strong and unstoppable foe.

Not all orks were satisfied with this life of eternal oppression and bloodlust, however, and wanted more - and two Orks changed the path of the universe.

The Orks were two brainboyz, leader of the Orks, who combined the innate abilities of all the classes of the boyz; the powerful Warbosses physical size, the Madboyz incredible powers as psychers, and above all, the Mekboyz capabilities with building and using powerful Kustom Meks and Gargants.

Even as the war was waged in the heavens above, the two Orks, starting as mere Grots, started by hijacking the War Meks of their oppressor taskmasters, traitor orks.

Taking these Meks, Gork and Mork waged a campaign of unstoppable power and capability, drawing many others to their cause. Eventually their WAAAGH covered the entire surface of their homeworld, and the climactic battle came between the great Warboss Krorkome.

Together, Gork and Mork faced their foe and won, channeling the spirit and belief of the entire planetary WAAAGH behind them, they could not be stopped.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)19:48 No.3844698
Upon their victory, the Old Ones attempted to stop the rebellion by throwing the planet's moon at the surface of their world, stopping them forever.

Undaunted, Gork and Mork called upon the power of the planetary WAAAGH and built the greatest Gargant ever seen, and blew the moon up. Though their world was still battered, they did not hesitate in striking out and continuing their rebellion, taking world after world and constructing bigger and bigger Gargants, not satisfied until they won their freedom from the Old Ones.

The Eldar took the opportunity the weakening of the Old One's power presented, and used their intelligent and cunning schemes to now strike down the Old Ones, rather than defend them. They threw their full might in with the Orks and Necrons, turning full-on the Old Ones.

Eventually, the sheer power of the Necrons, the Cunning schemes of the Eldar, and the unrelenting tenacity of the Orks led them to face the great armies of the Old Ones in a final climactic battle.

It was here the Orks showed their true power, for the Eldar cunningly maneuvered their forces so that the Orks could make a final and fatal strike against the Old Ones most powerful leader, and with a single blow end the war.

In that conflict, the greatest Gargant ever to exist, piloted by Gork and Mork themselves, struck out and fought the leader of the Old Ones in a galaxy shaking battle.

In the end, Gork and Mork sacrificed themselves, sealing the Old Ones away and rising to godhood to become Lords of Order in the warp.

Orks today retain the fighting spirit of Gork and Mork, and although considered savages by many, Orks live for nothing less than facing great challenges, leading great WAAAGH's against the foes of all that is good in the galaxy, and building the biggest, shootiest, choppiest, orkiest Gargants there is.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)19:50 No.3844714
To this day, no Ork has ever reached the power of Gork or Mork, but the time is soon coming when the Old Ones will awaken, and they must stand ready to face their old foes again.
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)19:52 No.3844727
     File :1235868745.gif-(317 KB, 400x233, Joker Clap.gif)
317 KB
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)20:29 No.3844930
I guess Brighthammer Daemonettes would look more like... Angels?
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)20:32 No.3844952

sexy Angelettes
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)20:37 No.3844978
     File :1235871438.jpg-(22 KB, 305x364, Untitled.jpg)
22 KB
>> Sexy *loli* anglettes
>> Anonymous 02/28/09(Sat)20:40 No.3844992
In VERY sheer nighties.
And pouts that cloud men's minds.
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)02:03 No.3847375
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)03:23 No.3847993
Alright, I'm back. What faction should I work on next?
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)03:59 No.3848276
Brighthammer needs more minor Xeno civilizations since the IoM isn't xenocide-happy in this. Plus there are more species serving under the Tau than just the Kroot, you know.

Oh, an idea: Something on the Enslavers.
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)04:00 No.3848291
Squats should still be around
Some race of sentient lizardpeople descended from the Slaan
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)04:10 No.3848372
So is Ghazghkull searching for the the core of Gork and Mork's titanic gargant, the inner piece that made the whole thing possible- the Core Choppa of the Gorkkan Morkann?
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)04:12 No.3848385
Maybe the Lizardmen should be a near direct port from fantasy, only with Aztec spaceships? They'd still be going around continuing the Old One's work, while sacrificing people in an attempt to revive their long-sealed masters
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)04:23 No.3848459
Well, there's plenty of opportunity; but one of the big ones should be the Slaan. They already exist in 40k, they just aren't talked about much. Also, although they aren't aliens, there was once a faction of Federation (TOS) type good guys in 40k during the Horus Heresy that were rather large and only destroyed due to a chaos infiltrator in the Luna Wolves mucking up any attempt at peace. It was rather large; when you come down to it, a mirrorverse version of it would basically be the TOS Star Trek mirrorverse with 40k tech, so I'm thinking maybe that should be included as well. They were called the Interix.

I like that idea. Yeah, I think that works out well. Thinking about it, he and Yarrick might be competitors, looking for ancient technology to aide them in their attempt to fight the old ones. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they fight.
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)05:02 No.3848756
Hrm... I'm liking the Aztec in space idea for the Slaan. I think their primary weapons should be sun-lances, equal in strength to multilasers but with only one shot a round (S6AP6). Statwise, they should be weaker than Space Marines but with better initiative than Guardsmen. Say, WS4, S3, BS3, I4. Or something like that. Their armor saves should be around 5+.

Fluffwise, they're Aztecs in space - but I'm not too sure how to go about that yet. I'll think about it, but I'm guessing that they'll need powerful psychers, as well as masses of soldiers. I guess everything will be painted gold with a sun or lizardface motif.
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)05:54 No.3849187
The Universal Destroyer

Of all the horrors of the Warp that the Great Old Ones spawned, the Universal Destroyer is all that remains.
It formed when, faced by the betrayal of the later Gods of Order, the Great Old Ones' hatred spawned their final warp entity.
Within its first few minutes of existance, it had already slain and absorbed most of Old Ones' warp horrors, growing ever stronger.
Only with the help of newly ascended Gork and Mork was the entity stopped from ripping a galaxy-sized hole in reality.
Already weakened by the sealing away of the Great Old Ones' at the hand of the Necrontyr and their C'Tan allies, the Universal Destroyer was finally defeated for good millenia later by the ascendance of Slaanesh and the Primarchs.

But just as it is impossible to eradicate a God of Order, so it is impossible to eradicate the embodiment of unthinking malice. While the conscious form of the Destroyer was defeated, parts of it still exists, drifting through the warp in the form of screaming fog. The Gods of Order are standing vigil against its influence, sending messages and directions to their servants when a piece of it starts to threaten reality again.

While unable to consciously act, the Destroyer still extends influence into the galaxy. On many backward worlds, cults exist which draw from its power, almost always revering some god of vengeance, blood, or ritual murder; some might own powerful and evil relics created during the millenia when the Destroyer was still sentinent. While such relics can no longer be created, their corrupting influence can still lead to madness, mutations, and the spawning of minor warp horrors (which redissolve into one of the bodies of the Destroyer when slain).
Its remaining worldly influence is countered mostly by the Adeptus Telepathica, the entire Ork race, and the Elder servants of Khaine.
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)06:18 No.3849343
Very good; I like that idea a lot. I think I'll use it.

Now, for the Slaan:

The Slaan are an ancient race raised to sentience and power by the Old Ones, embracing magics more incredible than even the most powerful of the Bright Eldar.

Unlike the other races created by the Old Ones, they stood with the few who would remain to defend them, believing wholly in their great plan. They stood without hesitation or remorse against their former comrades in arms, using their great power to strike against them.

In the last battle, the great war was fought above the skies of their homeworld of Itza. There, their foes were the newly formed armies of the Lords and Angels of Order. Their leader, the indomitable Lord Kroak, used the vast powers he had received as a psycher in the lap of the Old Ones themselves. In a single vast strike, he sacrificed a million captured enemies to form a psychic defense that covered the entire planet. Upon it's walls bashed the Militants of Khorne, the Lifebringers of Nurgle, the Seraphim of Slaaneesh and the Magos of Tzeentch, all to no avail. Nothing, from the mightiest Gargants of the Orks to the pinpoint strikes of the Eldar could penetrate it.

In the skies above, however, the old ones battle raged and they were defeated when the Destroyer was sealed away through the sacrifice of Gork and Mork. Robbed of the source of much of their power, the shield weakened and the armies pressed against them increased.
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)06:19 No.3849346
In the space between, as the shield finally collapsed, the entire Slaan fleet assembled for a desperate final stand; they would hold off the enemy and give time to Lord Kroak to complete his great and final work.

Though the forces of Order were valiant and strong, the armies of the Slaan held for three days against their relentless assault, and when they were finally broken and troops landed on the surface, they were held back yet more by their expert guerrilla fighters, who took full advantage of the terrain of their jungle home.

At the last, this too did break, but it gave Lord Kroak the chance he needed to enact his final vengeance - a assault using powers of the warp that was the domain of no less than the gods themselves. With a thought, he sent out supernova levels of power, and formed black holes to devour entire enemy fleets. Whole ships were lost forever as they were swallowed by the winds of chaos.

At the last however, even this vast power was not to win the battle, as the cunning Eldar leader Eldrad had managed to maneuver himself into a position to strike, cutting down the lord of the lizardmen with a single blow to the back.

Even as he lay dying, however, Lord Kroak used the last of his power to scatter his people across the galaxy.

In the aftermath, his people recovered his body, and used all of their arcane arts to try to restore it to life. Such was his malevolence that not even death could stop him forever, and as the last few cells clinged to life he ordered the construction of a vast throne, in which his body would one day be restored. In the mean time, his people would still serve the old ones.

Now the Slaan are returning, and Lord Kroak is regaining life. They seek the sealed Old Ones return, that they might serve them once again.
>> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)06:48 No.3849523
     File :1235908138.jpg-(58 KB, 564x477, gordyghazs.jpg)
58 KB
Mariki: You'se da biggest and da baddest, boss Ghazkull! 'Ow do I get big 'an mean like 'ou?

Ghazkull: Shut it ya grot! Don't believe in me, believe in da WAAAGH dat believes in you! You wants ta be big, and mean, and green, 'den 'ou pilot dat dere gargant and fight and win, like and Orks supposed ta do!