File :1235011261.png-(877 KB, 960x980, 2914403.png)
877 KB Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:41 No.27432249  
In this situation, who's place would you rather be in?
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:42 No.27432313

1. Women have more powerful orgasms than men
2. Anything for a chance to fuck snake
3. I would look pretty
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:42 No.27432316
So its choice of fucking a tight-pussied super girl or a grissly man? You think we're faggots or someting?
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:43 No.27432333
snake's, because i'm not a crossdessing faggot insecure about his sexuality.

i'm looking at you, /v/
>> That Paranoid Guy 02/18/09(Wed)21:43 No.27432362
Can I pick both?
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:44 No.27432368
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:44 No.27432369

half of /v/ admits to fantasizing about being a girl and getting pounded by grizzly men, when in fact they are neckbeards themselves.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:44 No.27432370
>Women have more powerful orgasms than men
Not during intercourse they don't.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:44 No.27432391
>2. Anything for a chance to fuck snake

fag alert
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:44 No.27432394
Wish to be snake
Wish to do samus
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:45 No.27432411
...I'm not gay but there's something about Snake's cum
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:45 No.27432424
and the other half are actually girls who get pounded by grizzly men on a regular basis
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:45 No.27432426
Samus, because I want to be female AND fucked hard by Snake.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:45 No.27432428
Snake, of fucking course! I mean, you get to be the legendary Solid Snake AND fuck Samus.

And if you pick to be Samus... yeah, i understand. Everyone wants to get it on with The Dave.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:46 No.27432432

>>who's place would you rather be in?
>>who would you like to replace in this scenario?
>>would you rather rape samus or be raped by snake?
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:46 No.27432441
     File :1235011574.jpg-(67 KB, 798x587, 1233689999282.jpg)
67 KB
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:46 No.27432444
I wanna fuck myself too :)
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:46 No.27432454
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:47 No.27432469
Who is place?
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:47 No.27432494
     File :1235011674.jpg-(99 KB, 1024x768, pikachuwashere.jpg)
99 KB
this is now a samus x pikachu thread
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:47 No.27432496
Samus because sex with snake is a small price to pay for a powersuit and a spaceship. And tits.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:48 No.27432504
Samus would grown a simbio dick and fuck Snake
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:48 No.27432517

see >>27432369

But if you are the Dave, then you can masturbate...I guess that's like having sex with yourself.
But. If you ARE the Dave, then...well you don't need to fuck the Dave, because you're just that badass.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:48 No.27432526
     File :1235011724.jpg-(6 KB, 150x158, 1225775432449.jpg)
6 KB
>>think /v/ is mostly straight men
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:48 No.27432528
Rather be raped by Samus.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:49 No.27432554
Well, if I was in Snake's position, there's a good chance that Samus could overpower me, so I'll just have to settle for pretending to not enjoy having sex with Snake.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:49 No.27432560


>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:50 No.27432586
Snake, fuck yeah im a legendary hero
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:50 No.27432606
     File :1235011852.jpg-(24 KB, 289x398, 1205712667756.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:50 No.27432609
     File :1235011853.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 87 KB, 1151x767, queen_sized_bed.jpg)
Spoiler Image, 87 KB
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:51 No.27432623
     File :1235011875.jpg-(125 KB, 400x400, 1205348399172.jpg)
125 KB
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:51 No.27432650
     File :1235011919.png-(58 KB, 350x350, 1205987729048.png)
58 KB
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:52 No.27432655
Both...but I'd rather do Samus than be Samus, so I guess Snake
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:53 No.27432708
     File :1235012013.jpg-(14 KB, 479x351, ringo react.jpg)
14 KB
>who's place
>who is place
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:53 No.27432713

you dont comprehend well urself

"who's place would you rather be in?"
"who IS place would you rather be in"
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:54 No.27432728
I would rather be Snake, because I'm not a faggot.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:55 No.27432792
>Whose place would you rather be in?
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:55 No.27432807
A) be a fucking faggot that wears skin tight suits and prancing around going pew pew pew killin dudes like a goddamn fps

B) be samus, and kill the said faggot and burn his corpse
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:57 No.27432857

Would I switch places with Samus, and have my ass reamed by Snake, or would I switch places with Snake and have consensual missionary sex with Samus?

Tough choice.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:57 No.27432865
I'd rather be C. Falcon and fuck Samus
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:57 No.27432884
hahahahahaha oh wow
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:58 No.27432897
I'd de Snake...
if it were Big Boss i'd be Samus
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:59 No.27432935
Become Samus, rape Snake with a strapon.
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:59 No.27432952
     File :1235012380.jpg-(63 KB, 400x334, f5afb240cf209d0fe4c08e5b497c9a(...).jpg)
63 KB
How about this?
>> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)22:00 No.27432968
its 4chan.....ppl request pron of dick girls for christ's sake