Fychan UserJS Script

for Opera and Chrome

Download version 1.1 here
(updated 12/08/2009)

Fychan Example
Click to see Fychan in action!

What is Fychan?
Fychan is a UserJS extension for the Opera and Chrome web browsers, to give the popular image board 4chan an extended set of features for easier browsing. It was originally written for Opera, but is currently in testing for Chrome as well.

What exactly does Fychan do?
Quite a few things. Here's a brief summary:
  • Inline Thread Expansion
  • Inline image expansion
  • "All Images" feature to open all images in a thread to their own tabs
  • Automatic return to topic after posting
  • Quick Reply
  • Clickable URLs in posts
  • Extra page selection bar added to top
  • Thread watcher
  • Hide threads

More information on the features is available as comments in the script itself.

How do I try it?
It's not hard to get up and running.

For Opera users:
  1. Download the fychan.js file and put it in the location you plan to store your UserJS scripts. The easiest location is just "C:\UserJS".
  2. In Opera, go to Tools, Preferences, then the Advanced tab. From here, click the Content section on the left. Lastly, click the Javascript Options button.
  3. At the bottom, you should see a form for "User Javascript Files". Enter the path you chose for storing the script.
  4. Hit OK, and you're good to go.

For Chrome users:
  1. Make sure you're using the beta version of Chrome.
  2. Click here to install the extension.

I don't like it. How do I get rid of it?
Not a problem!

For Opera users:
  • Just delete fychan.js from the folder you copied it into.

For Chrome users:
  • Go to your Extensions manager page via the settings menu (or paste chrome://extensions/ into your address bar) and click uninstall.

If there's a particular reason you don't like it though, feel free to let me know!

(Or respond in the Opera Community thread.)

Donations of any amount help pay for server costs and are always appreciated!

Fychan.js is Copyright © 2006-2009 by Fybertech